Air Purification System

Enjoy Natures clean fresh air indoors with My Innovation Products Air Purification System

Sleep Better … Feel Better

Sunshine, wind, rain and lightning play key roles in nature’s way of cleaning the outside air we breathe. The My Innovation Products Air Purification System dramatically reduces, no masks the odors and allergens we breathe inside, by emulating nature’s method of cleaning.

The average person spends up to 90% of his/her time indoors, where aire pollutans are two to ten times more abundant than outside. Now is the time to eliminate pollutants, odors, mildew and allergens by obtaining an effective, low maintenance purification system, that will quietly generate fresh, clean air throughout, your home 24 hours a day, year after year.

Significantly Reduces Up to 3.500 Sq. ft

Purificador de Aire de Luo

Purificador de Aire Economico• Mold
• Cooking Odors
• Mildew
• Animal Dander
• Bacteria
• Dust
• Smoking Odors
• Chemical Gases
• Smog

Performance Suggestions

Cleans your homes heating and air ducts
Cleans your bathrooms of mold mildew
Mold blast your basement and garage
Freshen up your bedrooms
Spring clean your closets
Cleanses your matresses of dust mites and odors
Eliminates odors from paint, wood dust, and remodelingPurificador de Aire
Cleans your car, RV or boat from food, smoking and septic Odors
Keeps the air in your home fresh and clean for years to come
Quiet operation and low maintenance

Process Technology

Pre Filter, Hospitable Grade HEPA Filter, UV2 Ultraviolet Bulb, Photo-Cataliytic Filter, Activated Oxygen Purification, Negative Ions (Antionization)